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The 2009 Raising the Bar, Ex-Offender Reentry Conference:

“Building Bridges by Breaking Stereotypes”

April 30 – May 2, 2009, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The David H. Ponitz Center

Sinclair Community College

Dayton, Ohio


Following the success of three prior conferences, we cordially invite submissions to the fourth, Raising the Bar, Ex-Offender Reentry Conference, hosted by PowerNet of Dayton, in collaboration with its community partners and sponsors. Raising The Bar 2009 welcomes contributions from experts, professionals, service providers and practitioners in the areas of criminal justice, substance abuse & healthcare, supportive services, faith & family, employment & education and housing & community, as each is related to the re-integration of persons formerly incarcerated.  The conference program includes workshops from the six categories listed above, tutorials, a variety of invited speakers and a special mock-trial presentation.


Our Conference Committee will be evaluating and selecting submissions for the six workshop categories on a rolling basis starting January 26, 2009.  Please contact Craig Powell for additional information at (937)225-3142 or by email to reentry@powernetofdayton.org


Helpful Tips to Consider as You Prepare Your Proposal


1.   Recognize that everyone in your audience has knowledge to share.  Therefore, make it interactive with plenty of opportunities for audience participation. 

2.   Provide a general overview of your topic and if appropriate, what the current research / literature says.

3.   Address the importance of building relationships and alliances that will motivate clients to participate and stay engaged in the program services.

4.   Discuss how you attract hard-to-reach clients and maintain their involvement on a regular basis in the services.

5.   Give participants an activity, discussion assignment, or show a video that includes concrete examples of direct, hands-on services.

6.   Bring references, tools and other resources participants can use in their programs.

7.   Have participants share what they have done or discussed.

8.   Summarize key points from the session.

Special Notes

·        Presenters contribute their services on a volunteer basis unless otherwise approved.  The Conference Committee has a limited budget to support particular workshops determined to be of particular value and relevance to the goals and objects of the conference

.·        If you are traveling over 500 miles, round trip, PowerNet will provide one overnight stay, either the day of, or the day prior to your presentation.

·        Presentation materials and handouts for workshop participants will be provided free of charge if originals are submitted by April 1, 2009.

·        Flip charts, markers, projectors and screens will be provided but plan to bring your own laptops if needed.


Submission of Proposal

Please complete and submit the entire form.  As stated previously, we will be evaluating and selecting workshops for the six workshop categories on a rolling basis starting January 26, 2009Those who submit proposals will be notified of the Conference Committee’s decision no later than March 13, 2009.  Attendance at this year's conference will be limited to 350 participants each day.


**Note: Do not use the back button, or you may loose all of your work. To start filling out the form simply take your mouse cursor and click in the box. You can use your tab key to cycle through the fields or continue to use your mouse cursor. All fields with a * are mandatory, you must fill out. You must also type the security code correctly at the bottom of the screen; this code is to protect us from possible spammers. If you do not type the code correctly you could loose your work. We highly suggest you may want to type your paragraphs in MS Word or Notepad then copy/paste your info into the boxes if you are having problems with the security code.

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