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GEM Leadership Development Program [GEM LDP]

 For a full GEM LDP brochure, click HERE!

The GEM Leadership Development Program is uniquely designed to go beyond just meeting the needs of inmates and their families but to also serve the needs of their neighborhoods, social service agencies, faith-based organizations and the business community by screening, assessing and preparing inmates 12 – 18 months prior to their release from prison. This is accomplished by guiding inmates through a cognitive/behavioral self-discovery, education, vocational and soft skills training process intended to improve their insights, knowledge, skills and discipline. Through this process inmates will improve their ability to build positive relationships and to be better prepared to take advantage of the services and opportunities available upon their release. This program provides each inmate with the support (i.e., comprehensive case management, personal and career mentoring, and job search, etc.) to develop the habits, routines and lifestyle prior to their release which are most conducive to building positive, long-lasting relationships that are vital to their success after their release.

The GEM LDP is designed to identify “reentering citizens” who want to lead a healthy, productive, law-abiding lifestyle and then provide progressively more challenging and beneficial opportunities for these persons to make a positive impact in their communities while receiving the comprehensive services and support to meet their individual needs.

This will be accomplished by:

  • Administering a comprehensive set of personal, family, career, needs and risk assessments;
  • Developing a short and long-term personal and career plan;
  • Providing the long-term support (up to three years) through case management, job coaching and mentoring to accomplish the plan;
  • Providing supervised, supportive housing accommodations which better ensures the safety of the community while meeting the basic needs of the individual.

Program participants will be guided through a 90-120 day, multi-phase, employment focused, community engaging, relationship-building leadership development / transitional housing program. The program meets clients where they are and supports them through a progressive series of accomplishments beginning with the orientation and intake, addressing criminogenic needs and ending with their graduation.

The major goals of this 3-phase reentry program include:personal and career development;

  • Relationship building with family and community based service providers;
  • Giving back to the community by taking part iin community service projects;
  • Grassroot leadership development by helping others in similar situations and eventually serving as a role model for at risk youth.

The major features of the program include:

  • Group interaction, relationship and team building, and interpersonal skills development;
  • Education and training which either supports the personal or career goals of the participant;
  • Mentoring / coaching (career or personal) which is intended to encourage, support and guide the GEM LDP participant’s consistent, meaningful progress toward their ultimate personal and career goals.

This is all implemented from a leadership development perspective within the context of community engagement.


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