PowerNet of Dayton

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It Takes Teamwork To Make A Dream Work!

This PowerNet of Dayton motto was dramatically personified, when, on August 14, 2005, eight individuals from various backgrounds, but with a similar passion to make a difference in the inner-city communities of Dayton, boarded flights for a conference in Chicago, Illinois, to represent Dayton as part of a National 14-City Ex-Offender Reentry Initiative co-sponsored by the US Department of Justice [DOJ] and the Corporation for National and Community Service [CNCS].

This full week of training included workshops and presentations from the DOJ, CNCS, the National Conference of Mayors, several state departments of correction, and other nationally-recognized experts. Before all was said and done, each of them was officially sworn-in as new AmeriCorps*VISTA volunteers [Volunteers In Service To America]. They remain fully committed and determined to make a difference in the lives of the men and women returning from jail and the state prisons to the community PowerNet serves.

At PowerNet Of Dayton, our work is about community restoration and the transition from incarceration to restored citizenship that best ensures those who have decided to turn their lives around, have the best opportunity to do so. When a person leaving prison or jail succeeds, the community succeeds.


402 Salem Ave

Dayton, Ohio 45406

TEL: 937-225-3120

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