PowerNet of Dayton

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I pledge to...

Do my part as a citizen to use my skills and talents to empower others as I empower myself;

Be a law abiding citizen and help uphold the standards of safety and security;

Oppose those issues, policies, regulations, laws and practices which interfere with the ability of anyone to experience a high quality of lifed;

Practice peace on a daily basis and treat each person I meet with respect, courtesy and fairness.

Because I Believe...

I have a responsibility to utilize my skills and abilities in the service of others;

Every human being posses inherent worth and intrinsic value that can be recognized by anyone who looks for it;

I should relate to every human being with compassion and dignity;

I should stand up for justice and discourage violence


402 Salem Ave

Dayton, Ohio 45406

TEL: 937-225-3120

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